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Oct 01 2018 10:00
Prague castle tour with MIREK ..FREE - book your place!!!
Prague Castle tour!

Basic introduction of Prague and medieval history of Kingdom of Bohemia

The left bank of Vltava river is very representative part of Prague where you can find the monastery, noble palaces, baroque churches and the highlight of Prague - Prague Castle.

We will take you to the medieval times when we were part of The Holy Roman Empire and our coins called Prague Groschen were used  in many European countries.

You will learn how to recognize basic architectonical styles and you will see many historical photos of Prague.

This is the best way to start your trip in Prague!


Don‘t get bored!

Hostel Advantage offers wide range of activities that are mostly free of charge. Reveal the magical atmosphere of Hostel Advantage together with our entertainers and other backpackers from all over the world.

Our activities:

  • Old Prague Tours
  • Prague Castle Walk
  • Cooking Session
  • Beertasting
  • Summer drink/hot drink
  • Pub Crawl
  • and lots more...

Enjoy your Prague walk, visit the Prague Castle, climb Petřín Hill with us, draw on Lennon’s Wall, taste Czech beer in the best Prague pubs or come to dance with us

Our most popular activities are when we are cooking and dining together. These are the evenings where you can feel the unique atmosphere of our hostel and when you can make good friends with others.

The top activity is the beer tasting when we serve and taste 10 types of Czech beer. BeerPong and PubCrawl has become quite popular as well recently.

Hostel Advantage, thanks to our international team of entertainers, became a place full of live, place where people enjoy themselves and discover Prague and the Czech Republic together.

Our entertainers:

  • Míša (Czech Rep.)
  • Brent (Canada)

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